Acast is the world's biggest podcasting company.
I worked at Acast for three years as a in-house creative. My work at Acast included creating explanatory videos, social posts, event branding, designing concepts for pitches and more. I was also a part of the design team during the rebrand which we did in house in 2020.
Acast Creative reel
This reel aims to introduce potential clients and brands to Acast Creative, capturing their attention while providing key stats, podcasts and case studies.
As it was a content-heavy animation I used typography and minimalist line drawings to portray the information in an engaging way, while still retaining clarity. A part of the process also included finding a visual identity for Acast Creative that can showcase their audio-based work.
Podcaster's guide to artwork
"Your podcast's artwork is likely the first element of your brand that a listener will encounter, so it's important that it stands out, looks great big or small, and shows listeners what they can expect to hear."
This instagram post was created as a series to help and inspire new or potential podcasters, showing them that the barrier to entry is very low. We wanted to keep these posts fun and easy to digest. 
Introducing The Log Books
The Log Books is a podcast from Switchboard, offering a glimpse into LGBTQIA+ life from decades ago. Since 1974 volunteers at the LGBT+ helpline have written notes in the charity log books. 
In this video I had to illustrate, animate and edit together an interview of The Log Books. We wanted the final work to be informative, but still engaging to watch. 
Abuse of Power promo
Defense attorneys David Rudolf and Sonya Pfeiffer examine 10 wrongful conviction cases, exposing the flaws in The United States justice system and how it wrongs the people it's supposed to protect.

Abuse of Power won The Webby Award for Crime & Justice Podcast in 2020
For this promo, I wanted to reflect the gritty subject manner in the animation. I chose to use collage as the images of the real subjects of the podcast could be well represented.
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